New York City Building Descriptions

Post War Buildings
These are buildings constructed after World War II and have a modern feel to them. They may have central air, in wall a/c, doorman, parking garages, laundry rooms, roof decks, and cleaner simpler room layouts without ornamentation that you would find in a prewar building.

Pre-War Buildings
These are buildings constructed prior to World War II. These usually boast detail such as high ceilings, moldings, fireplaces, and detail designs in the wood floors. The rooms usually have gracious layouts. They may have doorman services, roof decks and laundry rooms. 

Walk-Up Buildings
These buildings are also built prior to WW ll. They are also prewar construction. However, they are smaller buildings that may have up to six floors. These do not have an elevator and you walk up the flight of stairs. Many do not have laundry rooms. They may have a live in super. Some have fire escapes. The rooms vary but all in all, they are not very roomy and may not have the grand prewar details found in the larger prewar buildings.

Brownstones and Townhouses
These were once built as single family homes. Many now offer very interesting and gracious apartments. They usually have charming spaces as well as beautiful details such as fireplaces, high ceilings, detail moldings and decorative wood floors. These are also walk up buildings. Some may offer gardens or terraces. Many do not have laundry rooms or live in supers.

New High-rise Construction
These high-rise buildings have been constructed since the late 1980’s and have many amenities. Some are built with hotel like features. Many offer concierge services, doorman, roof deck, fitness room; children’s play room, meeting room, parking garage, storage room, bike room, pool, and party room.

Elevator Buildings
These are small buildings that offer elevator service but not a doorman.  They usually have laundry facilities and a live in super.

These were once commercial buildings that have now been converted to residential use. Most offer quite large living spaces that are open and airy. They have a very different interior feeling that a traditional apartment.  Most offer elevator service but some are also walk up. Many offer washer and dryer within the apartment. They may also offer a roof deck, sometimes a live in super. The exterior of the building is usually a prewar built the interior is quite contemporary without the prewar details. These buildings can be found in areas that were once zoned for commercial pace as opposed to residential areas. However, the neighborhoods now have become residential because of the loft conversions. Some neighborhood examples are Soho and Tribeca.

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