New York Real Estate: What Is A “Sponsor Unit”?

What is a Sponsor unit?

A Sponsor apartment is a unit owned by the original owner or corporation responsible for converting a building from a rental into a cooperative ownership.

The Sponsor may still have an original (regulated) tenant occupying the apartment who did not purchase the apartment during the original conversation (rules allowed the tenant to stay) from rental to cooperative ownership. Also, a Sponsor unit may no longer have an original (regulated) tenant but a fair market tenant. If a Sponsor unit has been vacated by an original regulated tenant and possession transfers to the Sponsor, they can either rent it at fair market or sell the apartment at anytime without restrictions.

What are the advantages of buying a Sponsor apartment?

The biggest advantage of purchasing a Sponsor unit is that the buyer does not have to go through the dreaded co-op board approval process (comprehensive application and personal interview).

In many cases, buyers may have the option of bypassing typical building rules such as the required amount for down payment. A Sponsor might allow financing up to ninety-percent of the purchase price, bypassing the Cooperative’s more stringent requirement. If the buyer is paying all cash, the transaction from contract to closing can take place quickly, unlike a board approval process which may take several months.  In addition, in most cases application and other co-op process fees are waived.

Are there additional costs when of buying a Sponsor apartment?

Yes. The Sponsor almost always has the buyer pay the NYC and NYS transfer taxes.

A purchase price $500,000 and under

NYC RPTT = 1% NYS RPTT = $2 per $500 or portion thereafter

A purchase price $500,001 and above

NYC RPTT = 1.425% NYS RPTT = $2 per $500 or portion thereafter

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