New York ... appeared to us ... a lovely and a noble city.... I think New York one of the finest cities I ever saw, and as much superior to every other in the Union, (Philadelphia not excepted), as London to Liverpool, or Paris to Rouen. Its advantages of position are, perhaps, unequalled any where. Situated on an island, which I think it will one day cover, it rises, like Venice, from the sea, and like that fairest of cities in the days of her glory, receives into its lap tribute of all the riches of the earth.... I think it covers nearly as much ground as Paris, but is much less thickly peopled. The extreme point is fortified towards the sea by a battery, and forms an admirable point of defence; but in these piping days of peace, it is converted into a public promenade, and one more beautiful, I should suppose, no city could boast. Attribution: Frances Trollope (1780–1863), British author.



If you are Relocating to the NYC area then please take your time to browse our wealth of information listed on the left. We have incorporated many of the common questions pertaining to the NYC market place, as well as real estate in general.  At our website, you can find information on local schools, weather, local area, real estate news and other concierge resources for the New York City metropolitan area.

If you are a Pro to NYC then you may want to go directly to the property rental or sale listings.As members of the Real Estate Board of New York, we offer the ability for you to search the entire collection of exclusive Rental and Sale property currently on the market. The RLS makes it easy for us to be your one stop Brokerage firm for your real estate needs. We have only included on our site a featured portfolio of listings. Just drop us an e-mail with your property search requirements and we will send you e-mails of what is available in the market.

Barshay Brokerage Real Estate Group, LLC, can assist you with a variety of real estate services, such as assisting buyers to find their next New York real estate property and assisting sellers in selling their property. 

We have spent a lot of time in creating a web site that will function not only in providing you with the rental and sale listings you are looking for, but to also educate you about the New York City market place. We have provided numerous tips as well as information that we believe can help ease the stress factor in searching for your new home.

If you have the time, please stay awhile and browse through our tips and many other pages including:
Buyer Loan Information

Ways to Speed Up Your Sale
NYC Building Descriptions

Please check all our other areas to gather information. You may even also order reports on different subjects. If you have any questions, please email or call. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

When you are ready to buy,sell, rent or sublease, we hope you will choose our real estate firm to take care of your real estate needs.

Are you looking to buy New York City Real Estate? Are you looking for something particular? Please let us assist you find your next New York City home by completing our VIP Home Request form. We will send you listings that match your criteria as soon as we get them.

Are you selling Real Estate in New York City? Need to know how much your home or real estate property is worth? Feel free to request a FREE Home Value Request. Tell us a little about your New York home or real estate property and we will let you know how much you can expect to earn from your property.

Selling or Buying your next New York City home or New York real estate property can be the single most important transaction in your life, therefore it is important you work with someone who has the experience, professional expertise and integrity to make your next New York real estate transaction pleasurable and stress-free.

If you have further questions about the New York City area or markets, please call us at 212-645-8866 or send an email.


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